Main Hall (130 seats) - Conversation (fr)
May 29 2018
(11:15 am-12 pm)
Former Montreal School of Fine Arts
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Like many of their generation, the founders of Galerie Galerie and Art Contemporary Club grew up with digital culture, Internet comprising a large part of their lifestyle and their language. Their respective platforms, which utilize the web as a space for creation and dissemination, invite us to rethink current artistic practices in an entirely digital manner. But more than just simple swing spaces, they instead represent alternatives to the usual on-site locations, providing tools for creation and dissemination anchored in the current post-internet state of society. As a matter of fact, at Galerie Galerie just like at Art Contemporary Club, the web becomes a complete artistic space, with its own mechanisms and language, and perhaps even its own community.
Thus, surpassing the limits of traditional Quebec artistic models, our five participants have broken down the walls of classic galleries, and their mission comes with a number of challenges. The discussion will tackle the format, pertinence and legitimacy of such online creative spaces, not only with regards to the current art scene, but also for the artists and the artistic practices they must promote.
Image : Louis TB & Samuel Walker presented in the digital lounge of Art Contemporary Club

Galerie Galerie

Marie-Charlotte Castonguay-Harvey
Sophie Latouche
Gabrielle Bernatchez

Marie-Charlotte holds a Certificate in Political Science from Université Laval, a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Université du Québec à Montréal and now completes a Post-graduate diploma (DESS) in Native narratives and medias at Université de Montréal. Mainly interested in web and post-internet art as well as contemporary Indigenous creation, her researches focus on the Internet as a place of creation and dissemination.
Sophie holds a BAC in Intermedia / Cyberarts at Concordia University in Montreal and completed a post-graduate studies in Cultural Organization Management at HEC. Her work has been featured in various exhibitions, screenings and publications.
Fan of HTML and CSS since she was 12, Gabrielle holds a DEC in multimedia integration. She worked for several years in an agency before completely reorienting herself, starting to lose interest in the web in business.
All three from Quebec city, they founded Galerie Galerie in 2016, an online art platform ( dedicated to curating and disseminating web and digital art. Each year, Galerie Galerie presents a series of online art exhibitions, gives digital and web creation workshops to a variety of audiences, gets involved in the organisation of mediation events called “AFK” (Away from Keyboards), including a digital art auction, and participates in various special projects in collaboration with multiple partners.

Student and Member of research chair ALN/NT2

Lisa Tronca

Lisa Tronca is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Art History at UQAM. She specializes in digital art and her thesis focuses on how online space redefines aesthetic standards in the reception of web-based artworks. She has been working since 2014 at the ALN|NT2 Research Chair where she regularly writes essays and organises symposiums on digital culture.
She has also curated multiple online exhibitions, namely Uchronia|What if? featured in the HyperPavilion during the Venice Biennale in 2017 and in the Interactive Art selection at the last edition of the Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma.

Art Contemporary Club

Juliette Marzano
Raphaelle Cormier

Concerned by the new forms of communication and the aesthetics that emerged from them, Juliette Marzano browses virtual spaces in order to question traditional curatorial approach. With a bachelor degree in art history and a minor in communication, she focuses her curatorial process on the ambivalence of power relations as well as emancipatory possibilities of the Internet.
PhD candidate in semiology, Raphaëlle Cormier is interested in the Archive 2.0, the figure of the Baudelairian flâneur wandering the virtual worlds, and the imaginary of the end of the world in the digital age.
Art Contemporary Club (ACC) is a curatorial collective based in Montreal, which conceives the Internet as an independant and alternative space that creates new dialogues and new possibilities for underground communities and artists. ACC criticize and celebrates the fetishist human quest to collect objects and images, as endless forms of archives in our collapsing world. CTRL+S is the new paradigm of our time.