events dedicated to showcasing today’s most thought-provoking art.


An experience orchestrated by Chromatic,
is art that resonates amid celebratory and inclusive events.

Created in 2009 by MASSIVart, Chromatic aims to support the artistic and cultural ecosystem, whether it is youth creativity, emerging or established artists. Chromatic also strives to apply the ideal of a world where art is accessible to all. To do this, all year round, events are held that take place in museums, galleries and vacant spaces. They take the form of exhibitions, conferences, concerts and act as laboratories of ideas where local and international artists and local actors find themselves at the heart of festive and unifying events.
Photo: Camille Poitevin
Artwork: Patryk Stasieczek

Board of Directors

Arnaud Granata PresidentINFOPRESSE
President and Editor

Elizabeth-Ann Doyle AdministratorMU
Co-founder, Artistic and General Manager

Jason Botkin AdministratorEN MASSE
Co-founder et Co-director

Claire Tousignant AdministratorMASSIVart
Managing Partner, Montreal

Manuel R. Cisneros AdministratorSid Lee Architecture

Pierre-Luc Beaulieu AdministratorHublot 51