Nico Sé B2B Miraa


A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and DJ, Montreal-based Nico Sé is also half of  several different duos: BODY META with Dimitri Nasrallah, AGATA JASPER with Ivann Urueña & BAVSS with Seb Fauteux. He is also ’record pusher' at Atom Heart Records and he’s currently focusing on working in his new recording/mastering/sound design studio, ‘Les Studios BAKERY’ which he owns with Jérome Guillaume & Ivann Urueña.
His style covers a wide range of genres which he digs in his vinyl records collection; depending on his mood, the crowd, the event etc. Nico Sé likes anything that fits around 120bpm with a solid, funky groove and huge amount of bass.