June 1 2018
(6 pm-12 am)
Former Montreal School of Fine Arts
Free access

The Apéros Chromatic are a good occasion to experience the exposition at night, to the rhythm of unprecedented musical performances. The audience will be able to enjoy these evenings in the intimate decor of the Chromatic lounge, where a series of concerts will be held – a great occasion to gather around a glass in an original setting!
For the last Apéro #3, presented by La Rama, Friday June 1st, the audience will be able to warm up for the closing night with a new artist selection. Nico Sé will take us around the world of music back to back with Miraa to open the night! Despite their differences in style, the DJs from The Waiting Room will unite around their passion for analog music. Stram and Brom will play back to back – house, deep house, neo soul – with two things in common: good energy and groove!

Stram B2B Brom (The Waiting Room)

Nico Sé B2B Miraa