May 31 2018
(6 pm-12 am)
Former Montreal School of Fine Arts
Free access

The Apéros Chromatic are a good occasion to experience the exposition at night, to the rhythm of unprecedented musical performances. The audience will be able to enjoy these evenings in the intimate decor of the Chromatic lounge, where a series of concerts will be held – a great occasion to gather around a glass in an original setting!
The Apéro #2 which will take place Thursday May 31st will flow to the rhythm of highly eclectic sounds, each one initiated by dedicated music lovers. On the agenda: Max Daigle, pillar of the Montreal vinyl scene, will deliver, as always, a varied and refreshing selection of disco, afro and house music. Also present will be Zoe Mowat and Amy Didemus, two friends united by their love of italo disco, boogie and everything similar. Lastly, the multidisciplinary and hyperactive artist Aso Ani will explore a very large musical spectrum ranging from house to pop, including trance and break!

Max Daigle

Zoë Mowat B2B Amy Didemus

Aso Ani