May 30 2018
(6 pm-10 pm)
Former Montreal School of Fine Arts
Free access

The Apéros Chromatic are a good occasion to experience the exposition at night, to the rhythm of unprecedented musical performances. The audience will be able to enjoy these evenings in the intimate decor of the Chromatic lounge, where a series of concerts will be held – a great occasion to gather around a glass in an original setting!
For the Apéro #1 on Wednesday May 30th, three high-quality artists will enrich an already vibrant agenda, rich in color and texture. Midori, a young producer based between Paris and Tokyo, will perform for the first time his new, light and melodious live set. Dull, known for his enchanting performances at the Mutek Festival, will once again use his magical sound to captivate his audience. Spliff Jackson will open the show with his musical compilations combining nostalgic and melodious sounds.


MIDORI (Menace)

DULL (Liberation through hearing / Abandoned audio)