From June 2 to 3 2018
(9 pm-3 am)
Former Montreal School of Fine Arts
10$ presale / 15$ at the door / Pass Nuit Chromatic 1 & 2 : 15$ presale


Lounge Chromatic

Pascale Project

Known for her optimism, husky vocals and Eurovision rhythmic sensibility, singer/producer Pascale Project is one of Montreal's most unique rising artists.
Pascale Project is Pascale Mercier’s solo project. Based in Montreal, she’s been active in the musical scene since 2008 and has released a few albums/EPs and played many shows across North America and Europe. You can often see her dj at local clubs in Montreal or listen to her radio show on N10.AS. Her music could be described as a mix of pop/house/lounge. The vocals are powerful and the lyrics totally sincere and full of emotions, through that she’s trying to define the concept of partying and what it means to be in love. Originally a drummer, Pascale tries to incorporate any kinds of sounds and rhythms in her music, everything she listens to is important and inspiring for her.
Photo credit : Fatine Violette Sabiri

(Boogie Café/Lazy Days)

Bowly (also known as OJBP, DÐD, MTSP) is Olivier’s outlet for his hypnotic soul music made on machines. His love for music and sounds of almost every kind has always led him to track down the roots of whichever genre or style his exploration lead him to, study them and reinterpret them.His DJ sets are following the same ethic; trying to follow every possible path from the origin to the present of the music he plays. They are journey through times and places.
As a producer, that led him to release on labels like Berkane Sol (UK), Fur Trades (CAN), Parages Music (FR/GER), True Romance (GER), Boogie Café (UK) and Lazy Days (CAN). As a DJ it offered him the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, DJ Qu, Fred P, D’Marc Cantu, and many more in both his adopted home country (Quebec) and his birthplace (Europe).

Moog Audio Scene

Bonbon Kojak

Bonbon Kojak is the perfect almost true story of a musical tale that began in Congo, where he was born.
Rocked by Congolese music in his childhood, it is through the journey that Bonbon Kojak makes his first
apprenticeships. He claims to have studied in Johannesburg and there, he develops a particular interest in music.
It is through the popular Moonshine underground happenings that he will be known for his ability to juggle with
afro-electronic sounds and global rhythms. In addition to collaborating with his collective, Bonbon Kojak shared the
stage with Dj Marfox, Branko, Uproot Andy, Kaytranada and his work has been publicized in Complex, The Fader,
OkayAfrica and, Pan African Music and Radar Radio London.

(Agence Hausbeat)

Akpossoul, also known as Gabe Price, is a Montreal based DJ/Producer originally from Lyon, France. Active for the past four years, he has been associated with MTL’s finest house DJs such as Godfather D, Soph-eye Richard, Jojo Flores and Esan Ellis with whom he co-created and co-animated in 2015, A Social Xperiment, a radio show purely dedicated to house & soul music. His talent has led him to perform at major events and venues in Montreal including Mural Festival, MTL Design Show, Salon Daomé, Wunderbar, C2 Montreal, Moonshine, Ti-Agrykol.
Akpossoul describes his style as afro deep house, a genre blending elements from afro beat, jazz, funk & soul, and made popular by artists such as Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Boddhi Satva and Manoo, Akpossoul’s elder brother. He is a member of Hausbeat, an agency specialized in booking artists and event organization. Akpossoul is currently working on his first EP, to be released in mid 2018.



As a member of Oyé digital art collective, Charline is also known under the name Lilith. She studied in graphic design at Boulle and Olivier de Serres schools in Paris and has since settled in Montreal, where her practice has developed to include installation and video performance. Her visual style is marked by the convergence of analog and digital technologies. 3D modelization, video synthesis and videofeedback, allow her to generate hypnotic textures that vibrate between the synthetic and organic. She uses visuals to explore mental processes and bring the gaze to reflection beyond the surface of the screen.
Charline’s work has been exhibited in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Montreal, Toronto, Brussels and Paris. Some of the musicians with whom she has previously performed include Alexandre St-Onge, Karl Fousek, Emilie Mouchous, Nick Schofield, Joël Lavoie, Khôra, Elephant Stone and Renart.



Very passionate in interactive media, the montrealer Vincent Noel aka. VINO his ready to make some interesting procedural VJ performance. He's not from the video culture so he use what he learn, programming. He programme in a logiciel know by his name TouchDesigner. Batchelor from UQAM University in interactive media and he work as a technologie technicien at Quartier des Spectacle de Montréal, he eat data and programming every day. He’s style is very colorfull and he love to swim into the giant pool of the 3D world.