May 27 2017
(9 pm-3 am)
Studio L'√Čloi
Paying access
10$ online / 15$ at the door.



Vincent Lemieux

Vincent Lemieux needs no introduction; as a staple figure of Montreal's electronic music scene, Vincent Lemieux is what you'd call the ultimate music lover. MUTEK program coordinator, founder of Musique Risquée label, event promoter, producer and DJ, Vincent plays on all scenes.
As a DJ, he is known for his sharp selection of house disco and minimal techno, or funk, soul and hip-hop. Globetrotting from Chile to Canada, Spain, Russia, Germany and France, Vincent Lemieux lights the international scene leaving no one indifferent. You might have come across some of his mystical Soirées Risquées at Salon Daomé or his Disco Dessert parties at Bleury.
Get ready for a night you won't forget!

Vincent Noel aka. VINO

Passionate with digital visual art, Montrealer Vincent Noel aka VINO loves to make procedural VJ performances.
Not originally from the video segment, VINO programs the majority of his visuals using TouchDesigner software.
He graduated in Bachelor's degree in Interactive Media at UQAM and he now works as a technician for at the Quartier des spectacles de Montréal, where he keeps himself into the digital world from morning to night. His style is now even more colorful and extravagant, besides venturing into 3D space like a fish in the ocean!

Kris Guilty x Gene Tellem

As one of the true pillars of the Montreal musical scene, Kris Guitly has been bouncing his vinyls from club to club for years. Kris cultivates a fascinating passion for music; his goal is to engage and connect with the public while providing eclectic and high quality beats. For Nuit Chromatic, Kris will be pairing up with the talented Gene Tallem to perform a groovy house set.
Off the dancefloor, you can find Kris at his vinyl store La Rama, where you can discuss and discover one of the best musical collections in the city.


Ollygram (Oliver Simpson) has been adding atmosphere and energy to clubs and festivals in the form of projected light since 2006.
He has performed live visuals for some of the most respected artists in the underground electronic music scene, including Richie Hawtin, Juan Atkins, Moritz von Oswald, and John Talabot.
Ollygram develops his own software that generate logic-based animations that respond to various inputs and controls. He likes to use film and photographic material for their texture and tone, and combines this with computer-generated graphics that have vitality and sweetness. He enjoys the interplay of space, sound, visuals and human energy. Ollygram seeks the place where steel and concrete meet water and air; the ghost in the machine.

Woulg x Push 1 Stop

After their astonishing performance A/V Interpolate at SAT, the Woulg & Push duo is bringing their ambiance to Chromatic. Songwriter and multimedia artist, Woulg creates dusky experimental soundscapes. He will be performing live exclusively for Chromatic's opening night with an electrifying electro techno.
In collaboration with Push 1 Stop, they will create an audio-visual performance that blurs the lines between motion design, 3D and audio-reactive visuals.
As a team, they create new interactions between audio and visual in real time.
Don't miss this creative duo's performance that will not cease to amaze you!


Tupi Collective

Based in Montreal for the past four years, the Tupi Collective duo, consisting of Marcus Freitas (Mj Mks) and Wallace Roza (Dj Skambo), is well known on the local scene for his impressive collection of Brazilian vinyls. The two artists have worked with many reputed artists such as Nomadic Massive, Dj Mozilla and Rommel Ribeiro.
During their sets, they mix an eclectic colourful cocktail that sways between raggae, samba, hip hop and Brazilian grooves.
Embark yourself in a journey to the tropics!