Art, Culture, Experience


Chromatic is a permanent work-in-progress.  
A platform in constant evolution
A community that reflects the emerging culture it celebrates through encounters, collaborations and national and international exchanges.
The event provides tools to the public for a better understanding of the art world and contemporary creations through exhibitions, lectures, screenings, concerts, performances and educational activities.
Simple and accessible, Chromatic offers another vision of contemporary art. One that is more lively, disrupting the chronological narrative of art history in favour of inspiration, imagination, surprise and emotion.
See you from May 10 to 17, 2019 for the 10th edition!

Multi-faceted, the Festival will unfold into four parts.


For an entire week approximately fifty international artists will present their works through various exhibitions throughout the city of Montreal.

May 2019

Conferences + Workshops

Through conferences, workshops and roundtables, Chromatic highlights the economic changes triggered by innovation in the artistic and cultural scene.

May 2019

Educational workshops

Observe, learn, modify, create, each will give free rein to his imagination and his own creativity for an unforgettable family experience.

May 2019

Concerts + DJ sets

Each year, Chromatic begins and closes the festival with parties with quality music programming and VJs. A festive celebration and a sharing occasion around art and music.

May 2019