Maude Arès



Maude Arès enjoys observing delicate movements. At the moment, during the course of her master’s degree at the University of Quebec at Montreal (Université du Québec à Montréal), she is creating objects, characters, drawings, videos, books and performances. She combines her interdisciplinary work into ephemeral installations presenting an imaginary universe composed of miniature and heterogeneous units. She takes interest in the performance of objects and the actions which animate them. For the last four years, Maude has been a member of the interdisciplinary collective projets hybris. As of late, she is feeding her passion for sacred chants, rocks, stems and air.
Taking the time to enjoy things and to observe them closely, at the moment when they take pleasure from their smallness, allows us to step into the land of imagination of the immense. People on a rush due to human matters may not enter it, as one must slow down, stop, pay attention. Allowing ourselves to be infused by imaginary poetry anchored in the fragments of objects.

Credits :
Image 1 - Samuel Trudelle-Gendron
Images 2 & 3 - Maude Arès