The Garage
(150 seats) - Roundtable discussion (en)
May 25 2017
(7:15 pm-8:15 pm)
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The matter of failure is rarely discussed in terms of a business’ or project’s success.
This meeting aims to insist on the importance of failure in the success of three creative studios. Sebastian Sylwan of Félix & Paul and Quentin Bleton of Moment Factory and Takashi Kudo of TeamLab (Japan) will share their own experiences by insisting on the role of failures and challenges as a source for learning, development and ultimately, success.
Moderated by Louis-Étienne Dubois (Ryerson University)

Moment Factory
Solution Architect

Quentin Bleton

Quentin Bleton is a Solution Architect at Moment Factory.
He leads many R&D projects as well as the development of the X-Agora software. Quentin has developed his expertise in 3D programming and video mapping, started on the Nine Inch Nails 2008 - Lights In The Sky tour, and worked on new mapping and blending techniques for the Sagrada Familia projection mapping in Barcelona in 2012. He is involved on internal R&D projects, including mass mobile interaction, interactive robotics and drones experiments.

Félix & Paul
Chief Technology Officer and Creative Partner

Sebastian Sylwan

Sebastian Sylwan is a Visual Effects and Digital Media Technology Executive. Currently, he is developing the equipment Felix & Paul Studios uses in their productions. 
Sebastian previously served as the Chief Technology Officer at Weta Digital and worked on films such as The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Avatar, and The Hobbit trilogy, among others. Sebastian also serves on numerous advisory boards and industry committees, such as the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts, Sciences Sci-Tech Awards and DITS. He is the current chair of the VES Technology Committee.

Director of communicatons

Takashi Kudo

Coming soon. 

Ryerson University’s School
Professor of
creative industries management of creative industries

Louis-Etienne Dubois

Louis-Etienne Dubois is assistant Professor of creative industries management at Ryerson University’s School of Creative Industries. 
He holds a Ph.D. from HEC Montréal and from MINES ParisTech. His research activities aim at developing a better understanding of collaborative processes and management practices in creative organizations. Louis-Etienne is a member of Mosaic (HEC Montreal) and MINES ParisTech’s Centre de Gestion Scientifique. From 2012 to 2015, he was appointed to Wallonia European Creative District’s high-level group, a European Commission sponsored initiative in Belgium.