The Lodge 1
(30 seats) - Conversation (en)
May 25 2017
(10 pm-10:45 pm)
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Dynamic/MTL and CreativeMornings organise a series of conferences for Montreal’s creative community by bringing together renowned professionals from various backgrounds in order to share their work and experiences. André Valle, co-founder of Dynamic/MTL and Stefanova Boyana, General Manager at CreativeMornings, will explain the creative process behind these conferences that serve Montreal’s creative community.
If you’ve ever asked yourself how to organize a series of successful events with hardly any budget or any prior experience, our guests are here to tell you the necessary instructions and the simple, yet often stressful, steps to start your project.

Creative Mornings
General Manager

Boyana Stefanova

A strong believer that creative communities are drivers for change and innovation, Boyana Stefanova has developed a true passion for CreativeMornings, a global community that hosts monthly conferences putting forth local creativity.
General Manager of the Montreal chapter, she sees to build strong bonds with the community, and make sure it shines through CreativeMornings/Montréal.

Head of Marketing

André Valle

André Valle is the Head of Marketing at Dynamo - an award winning digital agency in Montréal; and co-founder of Dynamic/MTL, a not-for-profit building knowledge-sharing experiences for the digital and creative communities such as Dynamic/MTL and Workmode.
Originally from Brazil, he earned his bachelor's degree in Language and Literature, from University of São Paulo (USP), followed by two master’s degree: Educational Technology, from Concordia University; and Transmedia Narratives and Content Strategy, from USP,. He is specialized in elaborating digital strategies and uses media and metrics to enable the successful delivery of content to targeted audiences. He is interested in social impact projects, content strategy, digital branding, web analytics, knowledge management, education, and learning.