The Garage
(150 seats) - Interview (fr)
May 25 2017
(8:30 pm-9:15 pm)
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Every year, installations and luminous projections invade the urban landscape of the French city of Lyon to showcase its heritage and transform its historic monuments.
Anchored in history and local tradition, la Fête des Lumières has become the inescapable cultural event who the inhabitants and allows the city to shine way beyond its walls. Since, the event is now recognised as an international reference and its concept of luminous installations has been exported to many cities.
Jean-François Zurawik will share with us how this large scale event works, the effect it has left on Lyon and the role of the original city in exporting the concept abroad.
Driven by Philippe Demers (MASSIVart / Chromatic)
With the support from Centre Jacques Cartier.

Photo Credit : Fête des Lumières

City of Lyon
Festival of Lights
Event director

Jean-François Zurawik

Since 2003, Jean-François Zurawik he has held the position of Director of Events in the city of Lyon and ensures the overall coordination of the Festival of Lights. This festival, which welcomes over 2 million visitors in four nights, is a global reference in the event of urban lighting. The Festival of Lights has received the award for Best Public Event in 2007 and was also awarded the Exceptional Event in 2010 by the French professionals of the sector.
Jean-François Zurawik has been in charge of the artistic direction of a Light Festival in the Island of Mauritius in 2009, in Dubai in 2014 and has just set up the first « Fiesta de las luces » for the city Quito in Ecuador.


Philippe Demers

Philippe Demers is an entrepreneur involved in the economy development through art and culture. He co-founded in 2009 MASSIVart, a Montreal agency connecting artists to brands and companies through events and innovative pieces. Organisations such as NBA, Converse, Ubisoft, Ivanhoé Cambridge and W hotels are listed as the agency’s clients. 
Philippe is also initiator of Chromatic festival, a vibrant art experience that gathered more than 500 artists and 50 000 festival goers in Montréal, Paris and Toronto.