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May 25 2017
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In ten years, PixMob became the world leader in connected events.
The idea ? To reverse a viewer’s relationship with the stage by making him the main actor. Each audience member, equipped with device that reacts to the music, thus becomes a “pixel” in a larger, collective performance.
Today, PixMob can brag that it has organized the half-time show for the Superbowl, the opening games of the NBA, the Sochi Olympics, Taylor Swift’s international tour and even Arcade Fire’s Coachella concert. But before this wave of success, the company went through different phases of development and took many risks.
David Parent will tell you the incredible story of this Montreal studio !
Photo credit: PixMob


David Parent

David Parent is the co-founder of PixMob.
Growing up in wild, up north in La Tuque,  gave him the taste of adventure. In 2012, in the midst of a fundamental business transformation, PixMob almost close and David was sitting in the diver seat. Surviving this transformation was the first step towards a significant global success. PixMob have been part of the Olympic, Super Bowl Half Time show and worked with global artist and brands such as Taylor Swift and Heineken.
David is now at the forefront of a new business evolution where the company went from analog to digital experience. He will share his view on innovation and how this affect business transformation.