The Lodge 1
(30 seats) - Workshop (fr)
May 25 2017
(8:45 pm-9:45 pm)
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The integration of digital tools is one of the latest challenges for cultural and creative organizations, especially when it is relatively small in size. By 2018, 70% of digital transformation initiatives will fail due to the lack of a global vision and poor preparation.
To avoid this trap, this workshop proposes a better understanding of the different steps in planning the integration of digital tools into your organization and to start to familiarize yourself with the process with the help of a few simulations.

Accompagnateur d'entrepreneurs

Director of specialized services
for corporate growth

André Menand

Graduated with a business and administration Master from a french business school, he worked for 7 years into the trade shows organization for CEP Paris and CNGF in Paris, France. 
For SAJE, he did coach and trained more than 500 entrepreneurs in the growth phase during 15 years. He specialized himself into the food industry, arts and fashion and manufacturing. He coached 120 entrepreneurs in their export process. For 5 years now, he is a international coach and trainer for various cooperating project in latin america. Nowadyas, he is the Director of the Succès Numérique program, Infosociofinancement and Parcours C3 for SAJE accompagnateur d'entrepreneurs and École des entrepreneurs MTL.