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Stéphane Cardin worked for nearly five years conceiving For Honor, Ubisoft’s flagship game for early 2017. 
Keeping a team creative for such a long period of time is a significant challenge for any manager.
According to him, the key to this is simple : get rid of the gap between creativity and management and become the creative lead. Because telling others “to be more creative” just isn’t enough. He will tell us his story, his own creative process and will let us in on the latest  tricks in managing creativity in entertainment. Stéphane Cardin works on this every day. He puts his money where his mouth is!
Photo credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft Montréal
Producer For Honor

Stéphane Cardin

While passionate about video games since his early youth, Stéphane Cardin began his professional life as a bartender, dealing daily with the often extreme and unpredictable behaviors of the consumers he was serving. It’s there that he discovered his taste and skills for making strong and diverse personalities interact and work together. 
Stéphane’s career started in 1999 through an internship at Ubisoft Montréal. He created with two other employees what would later become the Games Lab at Ubisoft.
After he completed his project, Stephane found himself with a choice to make between game design and production. He chose the latter and became the Associate Producer on the successful Star Wars 3 for GBA and then Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.
When Jason VandenBerghe pitched him on For Honor in 2012, Stéphane immediately leapt at the idea of bringing immersive sword-fighting into a modern multiplayer experience that would convey the same team values as the sports he’s found of like hockey, basketball.