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May 24 2017
(9:30 pm-10:15 pm)
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How can creativity help society?
This is a question to which Cindy Ornstein has a few answers. She will present a few ways to apply an artist’s creative process to the daily social challenges faced by many cities.
Mouna Andraos will join her to share her own experiences from Daily Tous les Jours, an interactive design studio that sets individuals at the heart of its projects and that has previously collaborated with Cindy Ornstein in Mesa, Arizona.
Photo credit: Mesa Musical Shadows, Daily Tous Les Jours.

City of Mesa
Mesa Arts Center
Director of Arts & Culture
Executive Director

Cindy Ornstein

Cindy Ornstein is Executive Director of Mesa Arts Center, the largest multidisciplinary arts center in the southwestern U.S., and oversees the i.d.e.a. Museum and the AZ Museum of Natural History as the City of Mesa’s Director of Arts and Culture. Previously, Cindy was President & CEO of the Flint Cultural Center Corporation (FCCC) in Flint, MI, and served as Associate Director of the Allentown Art Museum and Executive Director of Mayfair Festival of the Arts, both in Allentown, PA. 
She began her career in advertising, journalism and public relations. She served two terms on the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the state arts agency, and served on the Executive Committee of the board of ArtServe Michigan (now Creative Many Michigan).

Daily Tous Les Jours

Mouna Andraos

Mouna Andraos is co-founder of Daily tous les jours, an interaction design studio with a focus on participation in public spaces.
Coming from the fields of interaction design and narrative environments, the studio creates large-scale, collective experiences. Daily tous les jour’s projects re-enchant everyday life and stimulate playful encounters, conversations, and ultimately, ignite in people a sense of what is possible.
The studio has also won numerous recognitions including Best in Show at the 2013 Interaction Awards IxDA, the Grand Prize at the 2014 UNESCO Shenzhen Design Awards, the 2015 Knights Cities Challenge and a 2016 Fast.Co Innovation by Design award.
Photo credit: Martin Flamand