The Garage
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May 25 2017
(9:30 pm-10:30 pm)
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The 20th century saw the rise of international upheavals with the advent of the technological revolution, notably digital, that profoundly changed urban spaces and the way humans use them. The territory was quickly developed, often without any regard for the long-term effects on the landscape and the citizens.
Similarly to the “slow movement”, art requires us to take a moment. Through the eyes of an artist, urban projects reveal themselves, the sensitive city defines itself and its users appropriate it. From this rises the idea of the architect/artist, an important tool in building cities. Our guests; architects, artists and land developers, are all interested in the development of future urban habitats where art is at the forefront.
Moderated by Archibald Verney-Carron (Art Entreprise)
With the support from Centre Jacques Cartier.
Photo credits: Olivier Teste

Artist in visual arts

Guillaume Lachapelle

Guillaume Lachapelle lives and works in Montreal. He studied Visual arts at UQAM. His art consist mainly of sculptures, installations and miniatures. He showed is work at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin as part of a residency project.
 He also showed his work at the Laurentides Museum, Art Mûr gallery in Montreal, Maerzgalerie in Leipzig and Berlin and other exhibitions in Canada, France, Germany and the USA. He also produced public art works in Montreal.

Ivanhoé Cambridge
Vice-president, Communications, Marketing and RSE and International Affairs

Michèle Meier

Michèle Meier is recognized as a seasoned, polyglot and highly engaged leader. She brings more than 24 years of global experience in communications, marketing and public affairs. Her goal is to make real and positive contributions as well as initiate lasting, creative and winning ideas, actions and projects.
Inspire teams to deliver results that exceed expectations is the very essence of her personal and professional mission.

Sid Lee Architecture
Architect and Senior partner

Martin Leblanc

Martin Leblanc is part of a generation of general architects for whom the user experience is at the heart of the success of a project. Sid Lee’s no-silo approach is a lever that fosters better understanding of the user, their needs and their environment. He works closely with the agency’s strategists to develop work processes rooted in research. This way of thinking about projects, through analyzing business plans, context and future clients, guarantees customized customer experiences.
Martin was a member of the artistic collective who created the “Translucide” art piece for the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. He also advised several local developers in their strategies for Arts integration, by example: Ivanhoé Cambridge; Birks; Fairmont; Carbonleo.

Art Entreprise
General Manager

Archibald Verney-Carron

Graduate of a Master II in development and entrepreneurship in Lyon, Archibald Verney-Carron started as project manager in event production companies in Paris and London. He joins then GL vents as project manager for the launch of the first Sirha World Cuisine Summit. In 2013 he takes the direction of Groupe 45, in which are Art Entreprise and Espace Verney-Carron for art and territories. In 2016 he also takes the presidency of the communication agency Communiquez.
Specialist in urban scenography and the revitalization of territories through art, he connects the economic and political worlds with contemporary creators.